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How to Ship a Motorcycle Across the Country [Brief Guide]

Are you looking to get your motorcycle across long distances without having to drive the vehicle? Some professionals can get the job done without issue.

However, you might want some insight on the best preparation for shipping your motorcycle across the country. Read on to find out more.

What’s the Best Way to Ship a Motorcycle Across the Country?

There are a few options to get your motorcycle from A to B, including hiring a trailer and transporting it yourself. However, suppose you want peace of mind that your cherished vehicle will arrive safely. In that case, sound and damage-free, a respected vehicle transport company is your best option.

Learn how to safely ship your motorcycle across the country

If you’d prefer professional assistance, here are the steps to take to get a motorcycle across the country.

Here’s How To Get Your Motorcycle to Its Destination Safely

 Discover the steps to take to ship your motorcycle across the country below.

1. Research competent shipping companies with good motorcycle shipping track records.

There are many logistics companies to choose from, even at a local level, that would be happy to do a motorcycle transport cross country. However, not all have the best feedback or customer experiences.

Looking up shipping companies with a good track record of shipping motorcycles is essential. You can gauge their service quality by reviewing customer feedback on trust platforms and speaking to the company directly.

 2. Agree on a quote to ship your motorcycle.

Once you’ve found a company that offers confidence and quality in its services, it’s time to discuss a quote. Ask about the shipping process for the motorcycle and what the quotation includes to ensure there are no surprises at the journey’s end.

Query if the quote includes insurance, liability, and protection for the motorcycle. Also, inquire about any additional fees should there be unforeseen transport events.

3. Double-check that the vehicle has all the necessary insurance protection.

 Spinning off the last point in the guide, you’ll want reassurance that your motorcycle has insurance coverage in the event of an accident or other unexpected circumstances. Get a complete confirmation that your quote includes the cover for any concerns.

 Should the company not provide cargo protection, ask if there’s an option to add it. If not, find an insurer to cover the vehicle during the entire transport process.

 4. Prepare the motorcycle for shipping.

Preparing a motorcycle for shipping isn’t as daunting as a car, but there’s still work to ensure the seamless process. Get at least a quarter tank of gas in the vehicle, remove any accessories and peripherals, and clean it before handing it off to the sipper.

5. Await the shipper to pick up and deliver your motorcycle.

Once your motorcycle is prepared, you must wait for your shipper to pick up the bike on the agreed time and date. Many companies will allow you to track progress to reassure customers of timely delivery and that it’s in safe hands.

When your motorcycle arrives, be sure to give it an inspection to make sure there are no damages.

Get in Touch with the Motorcycle Shipping Experts

You can contact us at Elevation Transport Services to find a motorcycle shipping specialist if you want to jump over the research process. Their premier reputation has seen the transport of thousands of vehicles annually, recommended by customers nationwide.

Get a free quote for motorcycle transport by visiting their website.

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