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5 Tips for Choosing Between Enclosed and Open Car Shipping

You may have decided on a transport services company to move your car to a new destination. Still, you are unsure what to answer when asked if you prefer enclosed or open-car shipping. Our specialists can help you make your decision, but you can gain some insight by reading the tips below.

What is Enclosed and Open Car Shipping?

 Let’s start by defining the differences between enclosed and open-car shipping.

Learn how to choose between enclosed and open car shipping

Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

Enclosed vehicle shipping involves loading your car into a container without exposure to the outside, like putting something inside a shed. This method offers better protection for your vehicle, more customer service options, and a cleaner car on arrival.

 However, costs are usually significantly higher, with transport time increasing.

Open Car Shipping

Open car shipping, as in the title, loads the vehicle onto a trailer exposed to the open air. While the car might face elemental hazards along the way, this method is almost always cheaper, faster, and can schedule within short notice.

The main concerns include decreased security on the road, dirtiness, and increased risk of damage.

 Should I Choose Enclosed or Open Car Shipping? Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Decide

So which method is better for you? Here are a few tips to help you decide.

 1. Is there a significant expense for any minor damage to your vehicle?

One of the core differences between enclosed and open-car shipping is that the latter will expose your vehicle to outside conditions. Should they be harsher, there’s a possibility of minor damages such as chips or dents.

Furthermore, open-air shipping will almost guarantee your car will arrive dirty. Would it be a significant expense to repair minor damage or clean your vehicle?

 2. Ask the transport company what route they’ll take.

Respected vehicle transport companies will be happy to highlight their route when transporting your vehicle. Open car shipping is viable if the journey is hazard-free.

 3. What’s the price difference between enclosed and open-car shipping?

 Moving is a big job that often comes with premium costs. You might be on a budget to get your car where it needs to go.

The price difference in enclosed car shipping is between 50-100% more than open, meaning that if your finances are tight, the latter is the best option.

 4. What’s your vehicle worth?

Choosing enclosed or open shipping according to what your vehicle’s worth has more to do with insurance coverage than protecting your asset from outside harm. Insurers rarely offer a significant range to a high-value car if transported on open trailers.

However, they will offer much better coverage in enclosed containers should any accidents or unexpected events occur.

5. Are you in a rush to get the vehicle to its destination?

Finally, do you need your vehicle to arrive at a specific time, or are you open to a flexible arrival time? Enclosed car shipping often takes longer because of the limited availability of space, whereas available transport usually is faster.

So, according to these tips, which transport option would be better for you?

Discover Whether Enclosed or Open Car Shipping is Best for You

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure; picking the most effective option for transport can be challenging! If you’d like to discuss shipping your car to another destination using open or enclosed transport, contact us at Elevation Transport Services.

We’ll be able to gauge the most efficient shipping method surrounding your circumstances and give you a quote on the spot.

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