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Quality boat transportation to suit your needs

We can safely arrange the transport of your boat and help you save on transport costs with our affordable service. Our highly skilled logistics team will take your preferences into account and gather all the necessary information for your boat transport request. We match you with an industry-seasoned driver who is capable and highly trained to move your boat shipment with ease and utmost care.


How to Prepare Your Boat for Safe Transport


It’s up to you to perform some basic preparation before enlisting the help of a boat transport service. These steps are key to ensuring that your boat, and everything in it, is kept safe throughout the transport. 

Here are the things you need to do. 

      • Empty: It’s ideal to remove fuel and other fluids before transport. Fuel can ignite and create a disaster, and in general, fluids make the boat heavier than it has to be. This can increase your transport costs in some cases, too.
      • Organize: You don’t need to remove every item from your boat, but you should aim to remove as many non-necessary items as possible to help reduce its weight. This also prevents those items from being jostled or creating unsafe conditions when the transport is turning or forced to come to a sudden stop. If there are personal items or boat-related items that must stay on the boat, make sure that they are strapped down and locked away in compartments. Nothing should be left loose on the deck.
      • Personal and High-Value Items: Your items are safe with our specialists, but it is recommended to remove high-value and personal items from your boat to ensure their safety in circumstances outside of our control.
      • Take Pictures: Before your boat is picked up for transport, take photos from various angles and highlight any existing damage. This proves the condition of your boat pre-transport.
      • Protect: Your boat will be traveling a long distance. Use shrink wrap to protect the hull and exterior parts to prevent them from being corroded or damaged.


Why Choose Our Boat Transport Company?


Your boat is a tremendous investment, and it shouldn’t be left in the hands of a company that can’t protect it or transport it in time. The situation is already stressful for you, and you don’t need corporate incompetence making it any more stressful. 

That’s why you should choose Elevation Transport Services for your boat transport needs. 

Our boat transport services are helmed by the top professionals in the transport industry – from our desk management and dispatch team to the drivers commanding our fleet. Our technology is consistently updated to ensure we have the navigation tech to ensure a speedy delivery, the vehicles necessary to safely deliver your boat, and the reliable equipment necessary to prevent any unforeseen hassles. 

We have spent years honing our craft and innovating the way boat transports are done. If you need your boat transported, Elevation Transport Services is the company you can trust to get the job done right.


Request #1 Boat Transport Service, Today


You can’t afford to trust your boat in the hands of anyone other than the best. Elevation Transport Services is an industry leader, and we’re prepared to get your boat where it needs to go without hassles, damaging the boat, or causing any other unwanted headaches. 

If you need boat transport services, contact Elevation Transport, today. 

For inquiries, you may send us a message online by clicking here. If you have a special request, please call us today and ask about how we can help. Thank you for your interest in ETS.

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