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What Questions to Ask Before Shipping A Vehicle?

If you’re looking at options to transport your vehicle across the country, you may be stumped about what to ask to instill confidence that the firm is the right choice. This guide will present the essential questions to ask before shipping a vehicle to help your decision.

Get an idea of what to ask below.

 What 9 Questions Should I Ask a Vehicle Shipping Company?

When researching a vehicle transport company, here’s what you should ask to help weigh up your options.Learning the essential questions to ask before shipping a vehicle is crucial to ensure your shipping will flow smoothly

1. What does the quote for transportation include?

You’ll want a complete understanding of the services included in vehicle transportation to avoid any surprises, such as additional penalties or convenience fees. Ask your shipper to break down the costs included in the quote and ensure all your concerns are covered. 

2. Is the company licensed and registered?

Many operators out there say they can ship your vehicle for low costs. However, undercutting the competition leaves one to worry about whether these companies are licensed and registered with the authorities. Using an unlicensed logistics provider means a high risk of something happening to your vehicle where they are void of responsibility.

3. What documents will I need?

Most transport providers will request your car’s title and registration, also your identification and proof of insurance. However, companies may require additional paperwork, so be sure to ask what documents are needed for the job.

 4. How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping?

Ask how to get your vehicle ready for shipping so that you can make the process as seamless as possible. You’ll need to have almost no gas in the car and give it clean, but ensure you go over the details with the shipper.

 5. Can I leave any personal belongings in the car?

Sometimes life is easier if you leave your car’s accessories inside, such as GPS machines or booster seats. If you’d prefer to leave them in the vehicle, or transport other personal items with the car, ask if this is OK with the shipper.

6. How long will the vehicle take to ship?

Planning a move is a significant job, and knowing when things are arriving is a big part of its success. Get an estimate of how long it will take to get your vehicle from A to B.

 7. Are you insured for any damages to my vehicle?

Every logistics firm must carry liability insurance, but it’s not uncommon to see them forgo cargo insurance. It’s imperative to ask the shipper what’s covered and if there’s any need to purchase car shipping insurance in case of unforeseen events.

 8. Can I track the shipping progress?

 Many modern shippers will allow customers to track shipping progress, so ask if that’s available.

 9. What’s your process behind shipping vehicles?

A good car shipping service can explain how they’ll get your vehicle from A to B down to the last detail. Get confidence in the shipping company by asking them to explain how they’ll safely transport your vehicle to its destination.

 Start Asking Questions at the Nation’s Most Reliable Vehicle Transport Company

Are you ready to start your research for vehicle transport companies? Elevation Transport Services is happy to answer any or all of the questions above, continuing to impress as one of the nation’s most reliable logistics services.

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