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Exotic and High-Value Vehicle Shipping: Expert Handling and Security Measures

If you own an exotic, or otherwise high-value, vehicle, you probably care about its well-being far more than the average car owner cares about their run-of-the-mill sedan. After all, the car is extremely valuable, and in many cases, fairly hard to come by.

As such, it can be excruciating to hire a shipping service and trust it with your high-value vehicle. We understand that perfectly.

However, it’s also necessary sometimes. You don’t want to put a ton of miles on a classic roadster during a move or have to worry about your exotic car becoming a target for thieves on the way to a car show several states away.

To help put your mind at ease, the team at Elevation Transport Services has put together a complete guide to the security measures and specialist training that are utilized to ensure a safe exotic vehicle shipping process.


An Expert-Quality Team Handles Every Step


This is the key reason you don’t have to worry. The people handling your car aren’t just random employees hired to get a job done. They’re passionate, experienced, specialists who know how to get every step of the job done right.

Each specialist is trained to the absolute highest standards of auto transport. The people communicating with you throughout the transaction, the team that preps your car for transport, and of course, our drivers, are all trained to ensure that no corners are cut and that you and your car are treated with the utmost respect.

This dedication to ensuring that every team member is among the finest in their field facilitates all the other measures taken that we’ll be going over. Without a solid team of experts, no company can offer trustworthy service regardless of price, promises, or guarantees.


The Measures We Take to Protect Your High-Value Vehicle


Now, we’ve talked about what sets our service apart the most, but what does that highly-trained team of experts actually do specifically to ensure a safe exotic vehicle shipping process? 

Let’s take a look.


Protecting Against Damages


First, we have several measures designed to protect your car from damage. Which ones you will receive upon hiring us depends largely on what type of transportation services you choose.

We offer enclosed transport services, open transport services, door-to-door transport, and various other options. Each one provides various security measures, and for the best protection against damages and other issues, a private closed trailer is a clear option. It’s fully enclosed to protect against weather conditions, roadway debris, and the prying eyes of criminals.

However, the best way we avoid damaging your car and keep it secure is by only hiring loading staff and drivers who know what they’re doing.

Our loading staff follow a long list of protocols throughout the process to ensure your car is not damaged while getting it on the trailer, and it’s stowed away safely to avoid on-road damage. 

Then, our drivers are trained to the highest standards to ensure they get your car to its destination without wrecks or other issues causing damage to your vehicle.

Exotic Vehicle Shipping: Open Transport of Luxury Cars


Ensuring Security Against Criminals


Natural threats such as hail and other weather conditions are obviously a threat, but they’re not the only threats you have to worry about. Especially when you have a high-value car.

A high-value car automatically draws the attention of nearly everyone. That includes the attention of people who would love to get the chance to steal the car or belongings in the car.

Preventing that during exotic vehicles shipping is a key part of our service model. We are responsible for your car when it is in our care, and we take that responsibility seriously.

As such, a driver is always monitoring your vehicle. There are no moments throughout the transportation process that leave your car open to criminal action.

We also properly secure your vehicle to prevent anyone from being able to remove it by force or otherwise get into it and attempt to make off with it. The exact method differs depending on the type of transportation you service you paid for. For example, a closed trailer will remain locked at all times, and even on an open trailer, the vehicle will be secured in a way that ensures it cannot be removed without our specialists.

One consideration you do need to make is that windows are accessible with exposed trailer options. With our specialists monitoring the cars at all times, and the service requirement of you removing all valuables and belongings from the vehicle before transportation, that is a small and unlikely problem. However, if you are concerned about a particularly determined criminal trying to access the vehicle, closed transports are available that provide 100% security.

Finally, the last layer of security for your car is our ability to monitor who is interacting with your car at any time. You can trust our employees because of our rigorous standards, but everyone who touches your car is traceable, and internal problems can be dealt with immediately if they’re ever applicable.


We Protect You in the Worst-Case Scenario


Finally, even with all our security measures in place and our industry-leading specialists handling the entire process, there is always a possibility that something tragic can happen. Whether that’s one of our drivers being victimized to get to your car or a completely unavoidable accident, there is a small risk. That’s even true when you’re driving the vehicle yourself.

As such, we offer insurance options to protect your investment in the event something happens. This is an offering we never hope to rely on, but if it does become necessary, insurance can help make the situation easier for both you and us.

Our team, including our drivers, are all insured and properly certified, as well.

Exotic Vehicle Shipping: Vehicle Insurance


Transport Your High-Value Car with Elevation Transport Services


Exotic vehicle shipping is always a bit stressful, but with a dedicated team you can trust, it’s a lot easier.

Elevation Transportation Services provides top-notch transportation services, and we do everything possible to secure your vehicle against any threat. Contact us today. 

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