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Seamless, top quality auto transport services throughout the United States of America

Our enclosed vehicle transport services are designed to serve those with particularly valuable and demanding vehicles. They provide an enclosed trailer that protects your vehicle and keeps it secure, and they are the ultimate way to transport your vehicle safely.

These services are typically targeted at showroom vehicles, custom cars, exotics, classics, and other vehicles that are much too valuable to be left in the open via a car hauler.


Why Choose Enclosed Transport Services?


Enclosed transport services aren’t for everyone. It’s simply not cost-effective to ship a 1995 sedan via an enclosed trailer. However, they are absolutely crucial for a variety of customers with high-value vehicles.

Our enclosed car shipping protect your high-value car from the elements and flying debris on the roadway so it arrives in the same condition you gave it to us in. It also ensures that theft, vandalism, and other malicious acts are non-issue because each enclosed trailer is secured rigorously.

Exotic Cars

Exotic cars are high-end imports that aren’t overly common on the roadways. They deserve special transportation methods, because they are prime targets for theft, and they tend to be vehicles that you take exceptional care of; thus, they’re usually not cars you want getting hit by errant rocks, rained on, or splattered with insects.

Our enclosed transport services protect your exotic cars from all those issues and more.

Whether you’re transporting your car during a move, getting it to a car show, or moving it a long distance and trying not to add mileage to it, enclosed transport services are the best option.

Classic Cars

We transport a large number of classic cars every year. These are the vintage rides that collectors, rebuilders, and nostalgic car lovers pour their energy into whenever they get the chance.

Unfortunately, classic cars are difficult to maintain. The older they get, the rarer parts become. You cannot afford to give your classic car anything less than the utmost care.

That’s why our enclosed transport services are so crucial. Whether you’re moving, transporting your car to storage, or getting it to the only mechanic in the country who knows how to work on it properly, our services ensure it is kept safe in an enclosed and secure environment until it reaches its destination.

Showroom Cars

Showroom cars especially require enclosed transport. It’s not just about whether or not you care that the car has small blemishes from the elements; the people attending the showroom will care, as well. You must get the car to the showroom without any visible imperfections such as bug splatters, water marks, or other problems.

Our enclosed transport services prevent that from happening and ensure your car can get to the showroom without issue, and it will be floor-ready upon arrival.

Enclosed transport services: Showroom cars

Custom Cars

Custom cars are far too special for you to use open transport. You have poured time, energy, and resources into turning an already high-end vehicle into something truly unique. Whether it’s custom functional parts, aesthetic pieces, or wraps, you don’t want that to get damaged during transport.

As such, our enclosed transport services provide the protection you need.

Custom cars are also likely victims of theft due to how unique and costly they are. So, the security of our enclosed services is welcome, as well.

These services come in handy when you’re delivering the car to a show and don’t want to add mileage to it, moving to a faraway location, and any time you need to transport the car long distances, but don’t want to expose it to the dangers of the highway.


Why Hire Elevation Transport Services?


Elevation Transport Services offers the largest variety of enclosed transport services available. We can handle the transportation of standard cars, recreational vehicles, high-value classics and customs, construction equipment, and more with our fleet. With both open and enclosed transport options, we can meet all of your needs.

If you need a vehicle transported, contact Elevation Transport Services, today.

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