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Seamless, top quality auto transport services throughout the United States of America

If you need to transport your car across the country, or even just a couple of states away, it’s often better to hire a transport service. If you’re flying to your destination, moving, and need to operate a moving truck or family vehicle, or otherwise can’t drive an extra car yourself, you hire someone else to do it.

Open transport services make that a reliable possibility, and they’re more cost-effective than private transport options.

Open transport is when your vehicle is loaded onto an open trailer or car hauler and delivered to its location.

At Elevation Transport Services, we offer car haulers for all your standard civilian vehicles, flatbed services for equipment or special machinery, wedge trailers, and even tri-axle semi-low bed haulers.

We can provide top-of-the-line open transport services for all of your vehicles.


Why Choose Open Transport?


Compared to other transport services, open transport’s main benefit is that it gets the job done at a cost-effective rate. Rather than paying premiums to have your vehicle loaded into its own closed, private, transport truck, you get to save money by loading it up with other cars in need of transport, it’s added to the route, and it gets dropped off the same way.

For most people, this is the optimal way to transport a vehicle. It combines savings with high-quality, effective service, and the average person doesn’t need anything more.

Open transport services typically best serve people who are flying and need their car at a new location, moving and need to transport a spare car while driving the family car, and those who are sending a car to a recipient for sale or another purpose.

Car Haulers

Car haulers are probably what you’re most familiar with when you think of hauling a car. They’re big trailers with cars stacked in two layers, and you have probably seen them on America’s highways several times in your life.

The benefits of car haulers mostly come from the emphasis on volume. With a car hauler, the company can load your car onto one large trailer with cars from several other customers and deliver all the vehicles in one trip. With a private option, the company has to dedicate itself to your car alone, and that costs a premium.

Car haulers are best used when you have a fairly average car, and you want a good deal on transporting it. For most people, this is used when traveling via plane or moving somewhere far away. You can enjoy savings, and being exposed to the elements isn’t an issue. It’s less of an option when you have something like a high-end custom that you take exceptionally good care of.

Flatbed Services

Almost everyone has seen a flatbed truck. These are large pickups with an open bed that can carry heavy loads.

These are best used for transporting oddly shaped vehicles such as construction equipment or company vehicles with various attachments that don’t fit into the multi-tier structure of a car hauler safely.

Open transport services: Flatbed tow truck transporting a vehicle

Wedge Trailers

Wedge trailers are less common, but they’re essentially car haulers for small vehicles. These include things such as four-wheelers, motorcycles, and similar vehicles.

The benefits of a wedge trailer are practically the same as a car hauler, but the type of vehicle transported is different.

These are great for getting your recreational vehicles to a new home when you don’t have your own transport method, taking them on long trips to use them in a new location, and similar purposes.

Tri-Axle Semi-Low Bed

Tri-axle trucks are used for heavier equipment. They’re typically used for large construction equipment, but they can also be used to transport boats and other things that are beyond the capabilities of other transport trailers.

These are most commonly used by companies to move bulldozers, combines, and other items that they simply cannot drive over long distances or transport without this highly specialized equipment.


Why Hire Elevation Transport Services?


Elevation Transport Services stands out as your go-to transportation service for three reasons.

We offer the widest variety of open transport services to serve the largest variety of clients, we are customer-focused and have a reputation for providing only the most satisfactory service, and our services are priced competitively.

If you’re looking to transport any kind of vehicle, contact Elevation Transport Services for a service you can trust.

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