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Do’s & Don’ts of Auto Transport

At some point in your life, you might need to utilize auto transport services. From shipping your car nationwide to overseas shipping, choosing a car transport service is your best decision. To make sure the move goes smoothly and to ensure that you’re prepared, read Elevation Transport’s top 3 tips on the Do’s and Don’ts of auto shipping.


    1. Confirm your payment.
    2. If you’re not fully aware of the price tag and payment options, the whole transport process can be overwhelming. Drivers are understanding about the waiting time when dealing with pickup contacts, delivery contacts and customers. Once you confirm your carrier, confirm your payment as well.

    1. Double check insurance coverage.
    2. Every transport company must have insurance coverage, but make sure you’re asking for a copy of their insurance policy so you understand from the start what is covered and what is not. At Elevation Transport Services, we do not ask you to purchase any additional insurance prior to transport.

    1. Supply all documents for transport.
    2. Ensure you have all of the necessary documents in order, such as your certificate of insurance and vehicle registration. You must also prove to the shipping company that the car is yours and you have the right to ship it.


    1. Don’t forget to remove items from the car.
    2. Avoid packing your car with beloved possessions. During the transport, items may roll around and could get damaged, along with your car’s interior, and the company will not claim responsibility for damaged items. Any items inside will add to the vehicle’s weight, which means a higher price.

    1. Don’t skip out on doing research
    2. Take the time to research each transport company before choosing. This ensures that you will choose a company that provides quality service that suits your needs. At Elevation Transport, we provide open auto transport, enclosed car shipping services, and door-to-door car transport services for a wide variety of customers.

    1. Don’t assume that the transport is custom.
    2. The U.S. has many different kinds of geographical features, especially mountains, which can make it difficult to arrive at your location. That’s why Elevation Transport works with reliable carriers to ensure we accommodate you as much as possible.

      If you are in need of auto transport to anywhere in the United States, contact us today at 800-251-9024. We ship cars, trucks, vans, and more. We also have enclosed transportation of classic and luxury vehicles.

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