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Elevation Transport Services Proudly Donates Profit to Compassion International

Elevation Transport Services proudly donates a portion of the company’s revenue to Compassion International, one of the worldwide leaders helping to enrich the lives of children living in 3rd world conditions.

The owner of Elevation Transport Services strongly believes in giving back to the community.  Grateful for the position being a business owner has afforded him, he makes sure to continually donate and help give children around the world a fighting chance.

Compassion International is Elevation Transport’s charity of choice when it comes to donating proceeds of the company’s profit.  Compassion is a church-based organization, meaning it has partnerships set up with thousands of churches throughout the 25 countries they work in.

For most people wanting to donate this involves sponsoring a child. This sponsorship is often whole-life care, which is not care for an entire life, but greatly helps children develop to become responsible and fulfilled adults.  In some cases, whole-life care will begin with prenatal and go all the way to young adulthood.

Elevation Transport Services is a nationwide car shipping & auto transport company, and they take great pride in being able to offer clients the best pricing and accommodation when shipping their vehicles.  However, the greater pride is their ability to donate a portion of their profits to help shape the lives of young children who have the deck stacked against them.

Growth for Elevation Transport Services is doubly exciting. Obviously any company growing is an exciting thing for its owners and employees, but growing for this company also means more children receiving the support they need to survive in harsh conditions.

To learn more about Elevation Transport’s chosen charity, Compassion International, visit

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