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Benefits of Offering Military Discounts

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Elevation Transport Services will now be offering military service discounts to our customers who are active-duty and retired military personnel, law enforcement officers and first responders as a way to show our support.

Many companies underestimate the importance of offering military discounts. Here are some beneficial reasons why your business should say yes to offering these exclusive military discounts.

Build Customer Loyalty
Discount programs give customers an incentive to come back to your business. Not only will offering a military discount create return business, your customers will also give free advertising by word of mouth and boost your reputation as a military-focused company.

Sell to a New Customer Markety
Appealing to the military community can also help you break into a new niche and inspire new customers to give you their business. Not only will military consumers will be more likely to use your services, but they may purchase something new. Having a military discount can give you an edge over other businesses.

Meet Sales Goals
Your business most likely has sales goals you need to meet, either quarterly or annual. Offering a military discount can help your company reach or surpass those projected sales figures sooner. Discounted pricing, special sales terms, email offers, and timed discounts are just some of the promotional options you may use to keep your sales goals on track.

Make a Difference
With many retired service members and veterans living on tight budgets, your discount will be providing necessary savings to those military families. A military discount program shows you understand the debt owed to current and past service members, and that you care about their well-being.

Show your gratitude for the service provided by military members, veterans, and their families will draw new business to your store and reward you with a loyal customer base for years to come!

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