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The Best Time of Year to Ship Your Car: Ultimate Guide

Shipping your car is often a better idea than driving it both financially and in terms of conserving your time and energy. However, there are some drawbacks that can cause you a headache or two. Mostly, this has to do with WHEN you ship your car.

The various seasons all have different pros and cons, and today, we’re going to go over all of them. While some situations, like an annual summer vacation, really don’t allow you to pick and choose when you ship the vehicle, you can always use this information to plan more flexible transport needs such as moving long distances or planning non-weather-dependent vacations and trips.

Let’s take a look at the ultimate guide on the best time of year to ship your car.

1: How The Summer Months Affect Vehicle Shipments

Summer is one of the two main months to look out for. So, we’re going to start with it.

Since a lot of people are going on long-distance vacations where it’s more time efficient to fly while their car is transported by a service, car transport services tend to get bogged down. This leads to a few problems.

First, the company you want to hire might be too busy to handle any more transport during the period you need them to. That might result in you having to rely on another service to have your car transported, or you might have to sit through a delayed shipment to accommodate the number of cars being transported.

Some companies might also have higher prices to reflect the added strain on their fleets during this period, and that can make it less cost-effective than it otherwise would be. This largely depends on the company you hire, though.

Unless you have, to accommodate a summer trip or something that can’t be put off until another season, it’s not optimal to have your car transported during the summer months.

Car shipping in the summer

2: How Spring Months Affect Car Transport Services

Spring is very similar to the summer period. A lot of people are coming out of their winter hibernation and hoping to get out and see the world a bit. A lot of people also use this period to get ahead of the summer vacationers, and moving tends to be popular during this time of the year.

In all of those situations, hiring a vehicle transport service is a popular option, and again, that puts a lot of strain on transport services.

You’ll likely have to deal with longer shipping times, a lack of capacity with long waiting lists, and other problems unless you start booking the service ahead of schedule. That can potentially throw a big wrench in the middle of your plans, and nobody wants to deal with that after being stuck in the house all winter.

Luckily, this problem isn’t nearly as bad in the spring as it is in the summer. So, it’s still a viable option. You might have to look around and find a service that can meet your needs without delays, though.

3: How Winter Affects Car Transport Services

Winter seems like a great time to hire a car transport service on paper, but in reality, it can be the most risky.

Across the nation, winter tends to be the season with the most weather problems, and while you’ll likely get easy access to the service without waiting or dealing with delays, you have to consider two things.

First, fleet drivers are just as human as you are. They can deal with inclement weather effectively to a certain extent, but there are some situations that are just simply too dangerous for them to be out on the roads until things clear up. Since car transports are used over long distances, it’s also possible that, while the weather is fine for much of the trip, a sudden onset of inclement weather might cause a last-minute delay along the route the service is taking. This can create problems for your trip or leave you waiting in your car for an extra day or two after a move. It’s not an optimal situation.

Secondly, while fleet drivers are typically far more equipped and experienced with inclement weather driving than the average driver, there is still a heightened risk of an accident occurring compared to seasons that typically have better weather conditions to drive in.

In general, driving long distances in the dead of winter isn’t a great plan whether you’re having the vehicle transferred or driving it yourself.


4: How Fall Affects Car Transport Services

Finally, we’re at fall. The best time of year to ship your car.

Fall is typically considered the best time to transfer your car because it avoids all the issues that come with the other seasons.

First, unlike spring and summer, not many people are vacationing and having their cars transported. So, you don’t have to worry about trying to find someone who can handle the trip. If you contact the best car transport service, you’ll likely get a smooth experience without waiting or expecting delays.

Then, there’s the fact that winter hasn’t quite set in. The weather conditions across the US during fall tend to be fairly decent regardless of what state you’re in, and even long journeys are unlikely to run into any serious weather conditions that stall the transport for safety reasons.

If you can, it’s best to hold off on having your car shipped anywhere until fall. It’s easier, you’ll get the best experience possible, and who doesn’t want that? This is a great choice if you’re planning a move and can wait a couple of months, or if you’re going to be vacationing but aren’t dead set on the specific season for your trip.

Car shipping in the fall

How to Get the Best Year-Round Transport Services

Fall is always going to be the BEST time of year to ship your car somewhere else, but sometimes, you just can’t wait. You need to get your car where it’s headed fast. For that, you need the best car transport service available.

Elevation Transport Services offers a wide range of vehicle transport services ranging from open vehicle transport, enclosed vehicle transport, and even a door-to-door shipping service. Whatever your needs, during any season, Elevation Transport has you covered. Contact us today for a professional vehicle transport service.

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