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How To Ship Your Sports Car Before Snow Starts To Fall [2023]

Sometimes shipping our treasured vehicles during winter is necessary, but that brings a whole other crop of concerns for our sports car’s integrity. This guide is all about how to ship your sports car before the snow starts to fall!

Why is Shipping Your Sports Car Important Before Snow Falls?

It’s no secret that driving in winter is hazardous for any driver. Still, it’s especially true for a sports car owner. The nature of the vehicle means it’s more prone to the dangers of icy roads and snowy obstacles than other cars.

If you’re planning to move your sports car to another destination during winter, it’s best to do it before the snow starts. You can get a quote from winter transport specialists here or learn how to ship the vehicle during winter below.

How Should I Ship My Sports Car in Winter?

What are the steps to shipping your sports car in winter?

1. Find a reliable, experienced sports car transport company.

While there are plenty of auto transport companies to choose from, there are two critical factors of consideration here. First, you want premium protection for your cherished sports car, and second, you want professionals competent in winter driving.

Find an auto transport company that gives you confidence your sports car will be secure on the road. Book a business with a proven track record of safely moving vehicles in winter.

Example on how to ship your sports car before snow starts to fall

2. Schedule transport as early as possible, avoiding the middle of winter.

Winter isn’t the ideal month to ship a sports car considering the road hazards involved. However, there’s less demand for transport in the late season, meaning you can get excellent rates on moving the vehicle to another destination.

Try to secure a spot early in the winter, when snow is less likely to fall. Naturally, we can’t always predict snowfall, but consult with your auto transport company to ensure they have the plan to get across any snow hazards.

3. Perform winter maintenance on your car before pick up.

Your primary concern is that your sports car will be in the same condition it left when it arrives. Ensuring there’s seamless transport in winter means the vehicle owner will have to perform a little maintenance for the road.

Personal maintenance for your sports car includes:

  • Checking the battery
  • Filling up your engine coolant with antifreeze
  • Washing windscreen and wipers
  • Checking tires
  • Checking the headlights

You can get professionals to service your car adequately, but ensure you keep a record of your car’s condition when it leaves for its next destination.

4. Let the experts plan the safest route to your destination.

A competent, experienced transport services company will know how to traverse the roads and get your sports car safely to its destination. Be sure to consult with the drivers about how they will tackle the winter weather for peace of mind your vehicle will get there in one piece.

So, with the guide in mind, where can you find a sports car transport company qualified to move vehicles in winter?

Where Can I Find an Auto Transport Company for Winter Shipping?

Elevation Transport Services is one of the most reliable vehicle transport companies for a reason. Their track record of success in moving luxury cars through harsh conditions is superb.

If you want to ship your sports car in the winter months, contact their support team or visit their site for a free instant quote.

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