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How To Prepare Car For Shipping [Step-by-Step Guide]

Are you moving home? Are you selling your car? You need to ship your car safely to another destination for numerous reasons. Still, the real question is, how do you prepare a car for shipping?

You can start the process straight away with a free instant quote from. Otherwise, follow this step-by-step guide to learn the best practices for preparing a car for shipping.

Follow These 7 Steps to Best Prepare Your Car for Shipping 

Here’s your step-by-step guide to preparing your car for shipping. 

1. Compare auto transport company quotes.

 The first thing to do to best prepares your car is to research auto transport companies and compare quotes for shipping. Select three companies with excellent reputations, outstanding customer feedback, and free instant quotes.

See which company best suits your needs and addresses your concerns, and book them to ship your vehicle.

2. Take your car in for a professional inspection.

Once you’ve booked your auto transport service, get your car professionally serviced to ensure there aren’t any issues that logistics can exacerbate. Nobody wants to see their vehicle arrive in a condition worse than it left.

What’s more concerning is that transport companies won’t cover problems with cars if they exist before pickup.

3. Perform vehicle checks yourself.

Even though professionals will give your vehicle the entire inspection, it’s ideal for checking a few aspects of the car yourself a couple of days before pickup. Make sure you have a look at your battery, inflate your tires, secure any convertible tops, and place any tags or passes in the dashboard.

4. Give your car a good clean.

It may seem redundant to clean your car before it goes on the road, but there’s a good reason for doing it. Washing your car before pickup allows you to see any damages better potentially caused by the shipping company. It’s easier to claim back if its integrity is compromised.

Man cleans vehicle in order to prepare car for shipping

5. Record the vehicle’s condition.

Following the significance of cleaning your car beforehand, ensure you document the vehicle’s condition inside and out. Keeping a record will make it easier to prove that the vehicle was in better shape before it left than when it arrived.

6. Ensure any accessories inside are secure.

If you have any accessories or peripherals such as GPS systems, stereos, bike racks, or anything loose inside or outside, make sure they’re secure. They easily get lost in transport, so they should be securely fastened to their respective car parts.

7. Make sure you have a spare set of keys ready.

Finally, ensure your spare car keys are ready for the vehicle transport company driver. They’ll need these to upload and offload the vehicle into their shipping container.

So now you have the complete guide to preparing your car for shipping, how can you initiate the first step?

Where Can I Start Preparing for Car Shipping?

You can get an instant estimate at one of the nation’s most trusted auto transport companies! Elevation Transport Services is highly regarded as a premium car shipper, performing seamless services all-year round logistics expertise. Our company is always here for you, and if you want to learn something besides how to prepare car for shipping or how to choose the best auto transport company, read our blogs





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