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Guide on Seasonal Car Shipping: How Seasons Affect Prices 

One of the most central questions for those looking to ship their cars nationwide is, “why are the prices different between seasons?”. Many factors force quotes to change and affect seasonal car shipping, so this article will outline what affects the final number. 

You can use this tool here if you’re looking for a quick, free seasonal quote. Otherwise, read on to discover how seasons affect car shipping prices. 

How Does Shipping in Different Seasons Affect Price? 

As mentioned in why shipping a car in different seasons matters, those factors can affect the price. 

Those cost fluctuations occur because more resources can be used when transporting vehicles at other times of the year. These include increased traffic, more dangerous weather conditions, or logistical backlogs. 

Quotes will vary according to the circumstances behind the season, so what’s the best time to ship a car?

What’s the Best Time to Ship a Car? 

Everyone wants smooth sailing for their automobile transport, with a seamless journey to its destination at reasonable rates. Many prospective clients of a vehicle transport company would ask what the best time to ship is to try and save time and money.

However, the best time to ship a car is not set in stone, as each season can have different variables on quotes. Keep reading and find out the differences between seasonal car shipping.

Spring and Summer 

Transporting vehicles during the spring and summer is more manageable, as the warmer weather poses fewer obstacles in logistics. But as spring and summer are more popular for making moves and shipping cars across the country, the demand increases, providing a challenge of its own. 

Seasonal car shipping

That increased demand means that availability may be stretched for automobile transport companies, meaning higher prices and likely delays in delivery. If speed is of the essence and budgets are a consideration, there may be better options than spring and summer. 

However, suppose your primary concern is the safe delivery of your vehicle. In that case, there are far fewer hazards in spring and summer. 


The first concern one may express about shipping vehicles in winter time is there may be significantly more obstacles in transport. Logistics teams cannot use shorter roads and must proceed cautiously, avoiding potential hazards like slippery roads or harsh weather.

 However, transport demand and traffic are likely to be reduced. Ultimately, your vehicle could arrive faster at its destination at a lower cost than the other seasons. But the client must be aware of the transportation risks during a more adverse season.

Choosing the Right Time to Ship Your Vehicle

So the best season to ship a vehicle depends on your needs. If you want to minimize the risk of damage to your vehicle in transport, spring and summer are the idyllic times to ship. But, you must remember that you must also find the best vehicle transport company to successfully ship a car across the country

However, winter may be a preferred option if lower cost and speed are factors in your vehicle’s transport. It’s always best to discuss seasonal shipping and get quotes from highly-regarded automobile transport companies to weigh your choices.

Contact a Leading Auto Transport Company for Quotes in All Seasons

If you’re looking for more information or a shipping quote for different seasons, contact Elevation Transport Services. The firm is regarded as the most reliable nationwide vehicle transport service, capable of delivering on needs for all seasons.

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