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How to Avoid Scams When Choosing an Auto Transport Company

Are you afraid of scams when deciding on an auto transport company? Here’s a short guide to identify and avoid them.

How Can You Get Scammed by an Auto Transport Company?

Because auto transport companies are heavily in demand, scammers wheedle their way into the mix of options promising cheaper services than standard rates. Unfortunately, many fall into this trap, believing they’ll get the same quality service for a fraction of the price, almost always resulting in non-delivery or issues.

So what kind of scams do you need to look out for?

  • Bait and Switch – The company will reel you in with meager prices, then attempt to extort more money out of you after the service is agreed
  • Fake Seller – This company will have a professional-looking website and support person who will take your money after deciding on the service but won’t deliver anything.
  • Upseller – The company will take your car for a low price, then say the price has changed mid-transit and won’t release your vehicle until you pay

Now, how can you avoid auto transport scams?

How Do You Avoid Scams When Choosing an Auto Transport Company?

Here are four ways to avoid auto transport scams when looking for a provider.

1. Gauge your expectations from an auto transport company.

The first way to avoid scams when choosing an auto transport company is to set high standards and expectations in your decision. Everyone deserves a quality service when moving high-value assets like cars, so these businesses should be able to deliver on your needs.

Suppose there’s any inkling that the auto transport company can’t meet your expectations and standards. In that case, it’s best to avoid them.

2. Only use accredited companies.

You’ll likely see many results or people who say they can do their job. One of the most effective methods of singling out auto transport scams is to check what accreditations and certifications they have as a company.

Contact the company’s support team and find out if any authorities regulate them or have any industry-standard accreditations for peace of mind that they are a legitimate operation.

Auto transport company customer support

3. Speak with the auto transport company directly.

And on contacting the company, another great way to identify a scam is to speak to someone on the phone about transport needs. Suppose the person you’re talking to isn’t confident in their service or is inconsistent with answers to your questions. In that case, the company might be a scam.

4. Research the history of the service, including customer reviews and feedback.

Finally, we can research the company to validate the service as a simple operation. You’ll find the best information about the auto transport company on trust platforms. You should reconsider using them if there are little to no reviews or feedback.

You also might find some customers directly identifying the business as a scam, where they’ll post telling others not to use them as they are not legitimate.

Use the Nation’s Most Reliable Auto Transport Company to Move Your Vehicles

If you need additional advice on how to choose a transport company for vehicle shipping, there are several resources available online, including industry associations, customer reviews, and government websites, that can provide valuable information and guidance and help you avoid auto transport scams.

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